If someone with a big ego gets under your skin, whose fault is that?

Really though.  Do you think Justin Bieber could have gotten under the skin of Buddha, or do you think your cocky co-worker would have knocked Jesus away from his center?  Part of dealing with toxic people is to take responsibility for your own energy field whenever you can. Use it as a test for growth.


What thoughts are playing over and over in your head that might be contributing to the emotions you are experiencing?  
Are you anticipating they will bother you and therefore manifesting it in some way?

 Are you responding from your center, or from your emotions/mind?  Are you treating this as an opportunity to learn something or as an opportunity for you to feel validated in your position?

I could never understand how people who were so sick of hearing others complain would COMPLAIN about how others complain.  It’s the same energy.  Similarly, when you interact with someone with a big ego and YOUR ego grows as a defense mechanism, you are playing the same game.  Observe this reaction within yourself, understand that their ego is their protection, and see through their pain into their wounds.

Maybe they don’t have “wounds”, they just lack a feeling of meaning and purpose in life and don’t know where to turn.  The greatest thing you could give that person is an opportunity to feel something real.  Their ego is a just a bandage and a mask. Don’t take it too seriously.